Ferrari crash
The massive pileup, sparked by a crash between a group of foreign sportscar buffs, was called "a gathering of narcissists" by the expressway traffic police chief. REUTERS

A collection of high end cars, including eight Ferraris, were damaged on Sunday night after a Japanese highway crash.

Eight Ferraris, a Lamborghini, and three Mercedes were badly damaged an outing of Japanese sportscar enthusiasts, according to The Associated Press. The AP reported that a driver of one of the Ferraris attempted to switch lanes but ended up crashing into the media divider and set off the massive pileup.

The accident occurred when the driver of a red Ferrari was switching from the right lane to the left and skidded, said Mitsuyoshi Isejima, executive officer for Yamaguchi Prefecture's Expressway Traffic Police unit, told Bloomberg. It was a gathering of narcissists. The drivers were aged between 37 and 60 years old, he said.

The massive crash likely caused at least $1 million in damages and according to one two truck driver, quoted by NTV, it was the most expensive crash site he had ever seen.

It took more than six hours to clear the highway of all the damaged cars and the driver of the car that started the pileup could face up to three months in jail and a $100,000 yen fine.