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Quebec's Mathieu Arseneault is a lot of things. He is the founder and CEO of Mathieu Arseneault Courtier Immobilier Inc. He is the winner of real estate's biggest award. He is a doting father of 4. And now, the pride and joy of Quebec is all set to add yet another accomplishment to his belt – become the first flying man in his country.

Mathieu Arseneault
Mathieu Arseneault Mathieu Arseneault

We take a look at Mathieu Arseneault's exciting new development. Spoiler alert: It involves super-fast jetpacks!

When most kids talked about video games, Mathieu Arseneault spoke about real estate. At age 6, he was learning the fundamental lessons of real estate. At age 19, Mathieu bought his first building and started his real estate agent class. In the following year, he became the number one agent in Quebec's biggest real estate firm.

As you can tell, Mathieu Arseneault's life has always scaled rapidly – and he prefers it that way. A man of passion, he loves speed more than anything else. And it is this love that lies behind all of his hobbies. At one point, Mathieu Arseneault was a 25-year-old taking a helicopter class to become a pilot. He was a student by day, and an entrepreneur by night, dreaming of making it big.
Today, Mathieu Arseneault is as big as it gets. He owns more than 375 doors and sold more than 5000 houses in the past 20 years. If you thought that was the coolest thing about the businessman, just wait till you hear what he has in store for the very near future. Mathieu Arseneault will soon become the first-ever certified flying man in all of Canada's history!

Not satisfied with the average speed of helicopters, he started looking for ways to keep the adrenaline pumping because "the adventures must never stop," per Mathieu Arseneault. With the help of this revolutionary technology, Mathieu Arseneault says that he will be in the air in less than 50 seconds and able to fly at a speed of up to 80mph.

However, his reason for needing this certification doesn't end there. "With the help of jetpacks, you will be able to reach places where helicopters cannot. By learning to use them, I will be empowered to train the military and aid search and rescue operations. This incredible technology will not only change lives, but it will also save them," says Mathieu Arseneault.