The stars of Youtube's McDonald Beatdown appeared in court yesterday, pleading not guilty to charges of third-degree felony burglary.

Last October, Denise Darbeau and Rachel Edwards became Internet stars after a cellphone camera recorded footage of the couple leaping across the West Village McDonald's counter after a disagreement with cashier Rayon McIntosh. McIntosh then picked up metal grill scraper and proceeded to beat the two women.

According to police statements released in court Wednesday, the women continued to verbally assault one another and the police after paramedics arrived on the scene.

The women pleaded not guilty to the charges and declined the prosecution's offer to plead guilty in exchanged for probation, according to the New York Times.

Their lawyer, Harold Baker, says the women are being wrongfully accused, claiming the women were accused of trying to pass a counterfeit bill and were subjected to anti-gay comments.

McIntosh, originally held on charges of felony assault, has been cleared of all charges.