Beer Goggles
Ron Ianelli's sunglasses can open beer bottles. Brewsees Eyewear

Google buying Motorola might be big tech news, but it's not nearly as fun as entrepreneur Rob Ianelli's latest innovation.

Ianelli recently brought to market his "Brewsees" eyewear -- polycarbonate-frame glasses with polarized lenses that offer 100 percent UV protection. The twist: Ianelli integrated a bottle opener into the glasses.

According to Ianelli, he first thought of Brewsees eyewear about five years ago, but it was "plenty of beers" later when the young entrepreneur began manufacturing and marketing the product. He describes the eyewear, which he sells on his Web site for $39.99, as "the best damn beer bottle-opening sunglasses ever." He even throws in a free "coozie" bottle sleeve to keep your suds cold.

Ianelli's business venture gives new meaning to the term "beer goggles."