• Meghan Markle allegedly enlisted a close friend to influence an article written about her
  • Markle sued Mail on Sunday for publishing excerpts from her letter to her dad, Thomas Markle Sr.
  • The Duchess of Sussex lost the opening legal battle to the U.K. tabloid 

Meghan Markle allegedly enlisted her pal Jessica Mulroney to influence an article written about her.

The Duchess of Sussex is embroiled in a legal battle against the Associated Newspapers. The latter reportedly filed court papers against Markle claiming that the duchess asked her close friend Mulroney to influence the tone of a newspaper article based on an interview with her former business advisor, Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne, Tatler reported.

According to the Associated Newspapers, Markle was “well versed in the art of attempting to manipulate what was written about her.” She reportedly “caused or permitted a close friend to seek to influence what is published about her in the media.”

Kate Mansey, the writer, reportedly contacted Markle’s press secretary Jason Knauff about the contents of her interview with Nelthorpe-Cowne. After that, she received a message from Mulroney ensuring that the article would be favorable to Markle.

“It is to be inferred that on the same date the Claimant [Meghan Markle] passed this message to Jessica Mulroney with a request that she [Ms Mulroney] intervene to try to ensure a more favourable article was published, because on April 7 2018 Ms Mulroney wrote to Ms Nelthorpe-Cowne putting pressure on her to withdraw or change statements she made,” the publisher stated.

Knauff was later informed about Mulroney’s actions and he told Mail on Sunday that he would make sure it would not happen again.

Markle’s legal battle with Mail on Sunday started after the tabloid published excerpts from a letter she sent to her dad, Thomas Markle Sr. The royal felt that the outlet only published part of the letter that made her look bad in public.

“The Duchess’ rights were violated; the legal boundaries around privacy were crossed,” Markle’s legal counsel insisted and claimed that Mail on Sunday acted “dishonestly.”

However, Markle lost the opening legal battle to the U.K. tabloid because the judge sided with Mail on Sunday. Justice Mark Warby dismissed Markle’s claim that the tabloid acted “dishonestly” because he found it “vague and lacking in particulars.”

“The pleaded case as it stands is ‘embarrassing’ in the old sense that it places the defendant in an impossible position, whereby it cannot tell what case it has to meet,” the judge said.

Several lawyers reacted to the incident. One described Markle’s defeat a “complete disaster” and “humiliation.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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