Meghan Markle has been receiving advice from concerned individuals after she said that she has been struggling to get used to the expectations of royal life while adapting to her role as a wife and mother.

While speaking with Tatler, Shaman Durek Verret said that he asked his girlfriend, Princess Martha-Louise of Norway, to reach out to the Duchess of Sussex and offer a piece of advice.

"I told my girlfriend to reach out to them, so we can all have a family pow-wow because they’re cousins. The fascinating thing is that I had maybe seven meltdowns, and then I learned very quickly, thanks to my girlfriend and her family, that this is a crash course and you need to learn how to deal with this,” he said.

Prince Harry and Martha-Louise are second cousins twice removed as the latter’s father, King Harald V and Queen Elizabeth are both grandchildren of King Edward VII. Martha-Louise confirmed her relationship with Verret in May after she divorced Ari Behn, her ex-husband after 14 years of marriage.

Meanwhile, actress Helena Bonham Carter also has a piece of advice for Meghan Markle on how to deal with media scrutiny. During her appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” “The Crown” star said that it’s normal to attract attention – both positive and negative – once a person becomes more popular.

“All I’d say to her is, as soon as you become well known and in the public domain, you have to kind of accept that, possibly, you’re all that people think of you and write about you. And whatever, that’s the problem about them and it’s not really about her,” she said.

Carter went on to challenge Meghan Markle’s thinking by asking why she or anyone else would put their self-esteem in the hands of total strangers.

Meghan Markle previously opened up about her struggles and received support from the public. But she and Prince Harry were also criticized for their bold move.