Meghan Markle, Prince Harry
Pictured: Markle, Prince Harry watch a musical performance at Canada House, the offices of the High Commission of Canada in the United Kingdom, during an event to mark Commonwealth Day, in central London, on March 11, 2019. Getty Images/Chris Jackson/AFP

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry might be married with a new baby, but details recently emerged and gave insight into how the former actress snagged herself a royal.

Markle allegedly took a trick out of Princess Diana's bag to seal the deal. According to Express, a 2017 Daily Star report claimed the Duchess of Sussex copied Diana when her picture was featured in a publication favored by the late Princess of Wales. The photo was an apparently successful attempt to "woo" the royal family and solidify her place within the monarchy.

The Daily Star report insisted that Markle's feature in the magazine echoed that of the late Princess and stated the 37-year-old was “following in the footsteps of her boyfriend’s late mother Diana, who famously featured in iconic portraits in Vanity Fair.”

Although similarities between the two women in Prince Harry's life have been pointed out before, royal fans don't think that's why he married Markle.

“Diana was an unwanted 3rd daughter of an Earl whose mother abandoned her. Meghan was born into a fairly normal environment with a mother she is exceptionally close to…" Gillian Schifree, a royal fan said. "Diana was full of insecurities, and Meghan seems to be a very ‘together’ person, comfortable in her own skin."