Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle's outfit in two months costs more than Kate Middleton's wardrobe in a year. Pictured: Markle visit the Dogpatch startup hub in Dublin on the final day of their trip to Ireland on July 11, 2018 in Dublin. Getty Images/Jimmy Rainford

Meghan Markle's outfits in two months cost more than Kate Middleton's wardrobe for the entire year.

According to Sarah Rainey, a journalist for Daily Mail, the Duchess of Sussex has already spent $205,064 for 15 outfits following her royal wedding to Prince Harry. When Markle was in Dublin this week, she was believed to have worn dresses worth $37,043 within 24 hours.

On the other hand, Kate Middleton's outfits in 2017 only cost $157,436. The Duchess of Cambridge had a more modest spending in 2016 with $132,299 for her wardrobe expenses.

It was reported earlier that the royals' clothing budget has increased by almost $2 million since Markle joined the Firm. However, the new duchess is not to blame for the spike in the royals' wardrobe expenses.

Markle paid for her own outfits before she married Prince Harry. In fact, the former "Suits" actress spent almost $30,000 on her ensembles for her engagement in March. The real reason for the increase in royals' wardrobe is the royal trio making taking more royal duties.

Prince William, Middleton and Prince Harry have more commitments compared to the previous years. They take more royal duties as the Queen cut hers back. The more engagement the royals attend, the more clothes they have to wear and the more money is spent on their wardrobe.

Middleton is popular for recycling her outfits. The Duchess of Cambridge has been seen wearing the same dresses on multiple occasions. For instance, the powder blue Catherine Walker suit she wore in their Christmas card in 2017 was not new.

Prince William's wife first used the outfit in 2016 when she made her first solo overseas trip to the Netherlands. She recycled the outfit in Camilla Parker Bowles' 70th birthday. Middleton was also seen rewearing her maternity dresses.

Just like Middleton, the Duchess of Cornwall has started practicing this fashion choice. Camilla has been seen recycling her dresses in several occasions this year. For instance, her entire outfit on the second day of the Royal Ascot was similar to what she wore at Prince Charles' garden party in May.

"Camilla clearly isn't afraid of people noticing her new habit of recycling her apparel, and she looks chic and confident while doing it," Kara Thompson of Town & Country wrote.