• "Metro Exodus" is one of the 12 choices for Humble Choice subscribers this May
  • "Metro Exodus" is lauded as a masterpiece in the gaming community
  • Gamers can claim up to nine games per month via the Humble Choice subscription 

Humble Bundle’s subscription service is offering a new set of 12 games that PC gamers can enjoy, including 4A Games’ blockbuster hit “Metro Exodus.”

Metro Exodus” is the third game in the “Metro” series that’s loosely based on the “Metro 2033” novels written by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky. The “Metro” games are set in post-apocalyptic Russia where survivors of an intense nuclear war are left to live underground, hiding from radiation and the surface’s many mutant monsters.

The first “Metro” games featured fairly linear story campaigns, but “Exodus” ditches the series’ usual subway setting to tell a story of hope in a hostile world. “Exodus” continues in the perspective of Artyom, the protagonist of the series, as he tries to find livable land outside of Moscow together with his team of elite rangers.

“Metro Exodus” uses a semi-open world style of level design. The game features a number of different maps that are directly related to the main story, in a fashion similar to a road trip movie. Each area has a unique main scenario with a few side objectives and explorable areas that players can visit.

Combat functions much like in other open-world FPS games. Players can opt for either a stealthy or guns-blazing approach, but the game’s hidden-yet-straightforward morality system forces players to choose between killing other humans and simply pacifying them. Whether or not Artyom resorts to murdering NPCs will directly affect the ending.

The ruins of Moscow in the Metro series The ruins of Moscow in the Metro series Photo: 4A Games

“Exodus” is widely praised for its technical capabilities, solid gameplay and riveting story, and it stands as one of the finest examples of the classic story-driven style of linear video games. The masterful blend of stealth, horror and action-adventure makes “Metro Exodus” worth playing for the gameplay alone, and its ability to create emotional bonds between the player and its many interesting characters is definitely a cherry on top of an overall amazing experience.

Humble Choice subscribers will be able to pick “Metro Exodus” starting May 4 along with other games like “Darksiders Genesis” and “Hellpoint.”

Humble’s subscription service lets players choose from a list of games offered at the start of every month. Players can then claim either three or nine of the listed games depending on their subscription plan. Humble Bundle’s stellar game offers and lenient monetization schemes make Humble Choice a great option for PC gamers who are looking to build their game libraries.