• The Mexican real estate market is showing strong signs of growth which experts predict will continue into the future.
  • Zisla is supporting people in their aspirations of owning real estate in Mexico
  • The Mexican economy is demonstrating robust growth thanks in part to the large Mexican middle class.

The Mexican real estate market has seen stable growth over the past year thanks to strong economic growth in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. According to the Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal, the housing price index for Mexico has increased from 131% of its 2017 value in the first quarter of 2021 to 138.3% of its 2017 value in the fourth quarter of 2021. This represents an annual increase of 7.3% in 2021 which demonstrates strong growth for the real estate sector. This recent growth is a substantial improvement for the Mexican real estate market which has not seen a great deal of real, inflation adjusted growth in some time.

Mexican Real Estate Market

Mexico is not just an appealing destination for foreign investors seeking to enjoy the tremendous natural beauty which the country offers. The Mexican real estate market is primarily driven by the exceedingly healthy domestic market which is led by the nation's large and ever increasing middle class. In 2020 the Mexican middle class made up approximately half of the nation’s households which is roughly 16 million families. This number is expected to rise in the coming years with the middle class seeing an expected growth of 3.8 million households by the year 2030. Mexican people tend to prefer owning homes to renting them with over 80% of the population preferring owning property to renting it.

Foreign demand for Mexican property is also strong which has further contributed to the rise in property prices which Mexico has experienced. US and Canadian buyers have shown great interest in Mexican real estate particularly as a result of the pandemic. This is the case because many would prefer to spend their lockdown in a coastal Mexican property rather than their city based apartment. This is evidenced by more than a million Americans living in Mexico and over 500 000 Americans owning property in the nation according to Forbes.

The Mexican real estate market was resistant to the negative effects of the covid pandemic due in part to the fact that the market is not driven by speculation. Mexican real estate experts expect the increase in real estate value to continue to increase in coming years. This is supported in part by the fact that the economy is showing strong growth. This is demonstrated by the IMF increasing its growth estimate for the Mexican economy in 2021 from 5% to 6.3%.


Zisla is a Mexican real estate company which was founded with the goal of helping people turn their dream of owning Mexican property into a reality. Zisla was founded by Shaheen Lambert who is the CEO of the company. She got the initial idea to start the business thanks to a chance encounter in her office. She overheard someone speaking Spanish in a Mexican dialect and it turned out that this individual was a colleague who had recently traveled from Mexico City. This colleague was looking for someone to help them with a real estate project in the Mexican city of Cancun. Lambert eagerly took on the project and was immediately drawn to the Mexican real estate market.

While the company may have begun as a single business venture it has subsequently burgeoned into a highly successful real estate company with over 100 real estate projects under its belt. Lambert is aided tremendously in this endeavor by the President of Zisla, Yannick Cloutier and the Vice President of Marketing David Favreau.

Zisla is excellently positioned to assist clients with their goal of owning property in Mexico thanks to the company’s wealth of experience in the Mexican real estate market as well as its genuine passion for the nation. Zisla has, to date, been able to assist hundreds of clients with their dream of owning property in Mexico.

Final Thoughts

The Mexican real estate market is showing strong growth in recent quarters with all signs indicating that this growth will continue in the coming years. This growth is supported by local demand thanks to a strong and ever increasing middle class. It is also buoyed by international demand from nations such as the US and Canada. In addition, the Mexican economy is growing at a consistently high rate which further supports the real estate market. Zisla is enabling people to achieve their property owning dreams through its wealth of knowledge and experience in the Mexican real estate market.