• Michael Bublé shares hilarious gym photo on social media
  • Usher admits he struggles staying active while at home
  • Nikki Bella opened up about the different changes she’s experiencing while quarantining at home

Michael Bublé has shared a hilarious photo he took at the gym on Instagram.

Bublé has been self-isolating just like everybody else due to the coronavirus outbreak. Several said that they gained weight while at home and Bublé seemed to have the same quarantine experience.

The “Feeling Good” singer shared a snap he took at the gym on Instagram. In the photo, he is lying with his face on the floor with a dumbbell beside him. From the way he positioned his body, he looks super exhausted.

“Holidays are over. Back to the gym. I feel GREAT!” he wrote in the caption.

Bublé’s followers flooded his post with light comments right away.

“I’m laughing my [expletive] off!!” one wrote.

“I'm here if you need mouth to mouth,” a different fan joked.

“I just finished the ‘90s Cher step fitness video! You should give it a try,” another added.

“So c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, come and lift with me,” another follower wrote.

“Today’s workout must have been so challenging! Lu is a fantastic instructor,” another added with a laughing emoji.

“Same here,” another said, confessing that he also struggles to work out at home.

Meanwhile, Usher also recenly confessed that he struggles to remain active while quarantining at home. The “Love In This Club” crooner felt that his workout routine isn’t enough.

“You’re just sitting around all day — even if you choose to do some push-ups or sit-ups or run or jumping jacks or whatever you’re doing in your home — that’s still not enough,” Usher said.

Several celebrities have shared their quarantine experience on social media. Just recently, DJ Khaled shared his before and after photos and said that he badly needs a haircut. Fat Joe commented and offered to help him.

Meanwhile, singer Tamar Braxton suggested that DJ Khaled should ignore the criticisms he got for the photos due to his hair because it doesn’t matter to the people who really love him, like his family.

Nikki Bella also opened up about her pimples and pigmentation while isolating. The “Total Bellas” star, who is expecting her first baby, shared the different changes she’s been experiencing including hair growth and weight gain, but she finds it “pretty amazing to start to see the real, natural you again.”

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