Surface Pro 3
Microsoft has acknowledged that the battery problem of the Surface Pro 3 is not due to faulty hardware. Getty Images/STAN HONDA

Microsoft has finally gotten to the bottom of the problem of its Surface Pro 3’s battery. And to nip the problem in the bud, the tech company is releasing a software update with the right battery fix.

Trusted Reviews reported just a few hours ago that Microsoft has acknowledged that the problem with its Surface Pro 3’s battery degradation is due to the device's software and not the hardware itself.

"We can now confirm that this Surface Pro 3 battery capacity question is not a hardware issue, but one that can be addressed with a software update,” a Microsoft representative recently wrote on the company’s online support forums.

The representative then went on to confirm that his team is already working on a software update that will address the problem. However, the rep admitted that the update is still in the process of testing and will only be published once it passes quality assurance.

“Our team has been working on, and is now testing, an update that will address this. We’ll publish the update as soon as it has passed our quality assurance process,” the representative wrote.

At the end of his post, the Microsoft representative advised Surface Pro 3 owners to hold on to their devices because the update is already pending.

Though the representative’s words may have given users assurance that their tablet computers will get a battery fix soon, it was not enough to give them peace of mind, with Engadget reporting that displeased owners have complained for having to pay $450 or more replacement fees just to get new models, thinking that the issue was due to faulty hardware.

In addition, there were also owners who opted to pay for new models, for they thought it would take too long before the patch gets released and their Surface Pro 3 batteries would be useless by then.

The issue with the tablet computer’s battery was only put under the microscope in May, when several users noticed that the rate of their devices' battery life’s consumption became faster. At the time, there were rumors that Microsoft was planning on recalling the Surface Pro 3 over faulty batteries, though it wasn’t clear back then if the problem was related to the hardware or the software of the device.