Tech giant Microsoft has submitted a new proposal to buy Activision Blizzard


  • The UAE is looking to solidify its position as the global capital of digital economy
  • The country's digital economy is expected to grow to over $140 billion by 2031
  • Last year, its government approved a digital economy strategy that included over 30 programs and initiatives

Microsoft has expanded its partnership with Abu Dhabi-based artificial intelligence and cloud computing company G42 to strengthen AI technology across different sectors and promote cloud infrastructure in the United Arab Emirates.

The UAE's public sector and other relevant industries will now be able to access cloud technology and AI features on Microsoft's Azure, the companies said.

They will also focus on developing cutting-edge, AI-enabled industry-specific solutions for key sectors, including energy, health and life sciences, sustainability and projects of national significance, like the COP28 conference scheduled to take place in the UAE this year.

"By combining our respective expertise and shared forward-thinking approach, we aim to not only transform industries but also create positive economic opportunities and lasting impacts on the well-being of individuals, communities, and society as a whole," Peng Xiao, group chief executive of G42, said in a statement.

Microsoft aims to add more than $39 billion and about 100,000 jobs to the UAE economy through its cloud services over the next four years, International Data Corporation (IDC) said in its report last year. This comes at a crucial point as the UAE looks to solidify its position as the global capital of the digital economy.

Companies can leverage the cloud computing services of a specialized company like Microsoft to develop their infrastructure of servers, hardware and security networks in an economical way, the National News reported, citing industry experts.

"With data privacy, security, and compliance as our core priorities, we have a unique opportunity to help organizations responsibly innovate for the benefit of citizens and residents across the UAE," noted Judson Althoff, Microsoft's executive vice president and chief commercial officer.

The UAE's digital economy is expected to grow to over $140 billion by 2031, a significant surge from the current $38 billion, according to a report by the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy.

Last April, the UAE cabinet approved a Digital Economy Strategy, which included more than 30 programs and initiatives focused on six key sectors and five new areas of growth across the country. Its aim is to amplify the contribution of the digital economy to the country's GDP from 9.7% to 19.4% within 10 years.

The country partnered with Mastercard last month to enhance AI capabilities and readiness in Dubai. The collaboration would focus on securing the digital ecosystem and driving inclusive growth in the UAE and beyond.