Microsoft has sent its 2-in-1 Surface Pro 3 tablet to the 14-year-old school kid named Ahmed Mohamed, who was wrongly accused of bringing bomb to school.

Mohamed recently brought a home-made alarm clock to the school, but the school officials panicked over the clock which apparently looked like a bomb and eventually got the teen arrested out of suspicion. But then, Social media went crazy on the incident, terming the arrest as ruthless and xenophobic. Many tech titans showed support to the teen, while Mark Zuckerberg invited Mohamed to visit the Facebook headquarters. Meanwhile, Microsoft has joined the bandwagon by sending the 2-in-1 Surface Pro 3 tablet to the teen.

The Texas student Ahmed Mohamed had designed the digital clock in question based on a pencil case. Having completed the project, Mohamed apparently thought the work would be appreciated by his teachers at the school. However, mistaking the digital clock for a bomb, the teachers went bonkers and called the cops, which eventually resulted in the arrest of the curious teen.

The cops reportedly asked the teen to explain the item brought to school. Mohamed apparently told them that it was just a clock. Unconvinced, the cops charged the teenager for bringing a fake bomb to the school premises. After the final set of interrogation without any lawyer by his side, the charges were eventually dropped.

Needless to say, the handcuffed image of Mohamed escorted out of the school went viral. Social media has termed this incident as one of the worst form of racism and prejudice meted out to an innocent person.

In the meantime, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has sent a slew of goodies to support and cheer the kid. He apparently received a Surface Pro 3 tablet, along with the super-cool Microsoft Band, among others. In addition to these Microsoft goodies, Mohamed also received an invite from none other than the U.S. President Barack Obama himself asking him to drop by to show the digital clock. Mohamed reportedly aims to attend the coveted MIT in future.