A patent shows Microsoft's plan to turn smartphones into handheld Xbox consoles. JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images)

Microsoft has posted a new announcement teasing an upcoming release. The new teaser barely shows any clues aside from the flames, metal scales and a draconic emblem. Here’s what we know about the new Xbox announcement.

In the official Xbox Twitter, the new teaser video features a burst of fire engulfing the screen and leaving behind metal scales layered like a lizard skin. A draconic emblem can also be seen on the armor. Aside from this, the clip did not reveal any obvious details about the sign.

Many fans have shared their own theories about this new reveal. Some believe that the teaser is for an Xbox exclusive to be released soon.

Titles like "Jade Empire" and "Scalebound" were noted as among the possibilities. "Jade Empire" was one of the best titles in the first Xbox generation and could be a great choice for a remaster.

Meanwhile, "Scalebound" is Capcom’s canceled Xbox exclusive project which featured multiplayer gameplay with human characters bound to dragons as they fight forces of destruction. But both games have yet to receive any official updates.

Meanwhile, fans on Neogaf seemed to have solved this mystery, saying that the teaser clip was for a "Game of Thrones"-related release. Upon checking the Targaryen sigil, the draconic emblem’s bottom part seems to be similar to the design of the House Targaryen sigil.

As the teaser didn’t reveal any further details about the reveal, many fans think that it could be a new "Game of Thrones"-based game or a themed console release.

Telltale Games previously handled the "Game of Thrones" game where players would pick choices of dialogue and interactions among well-known main characters. However, the company folded up in late 2018, which means that it’ll be up to another developer studio to make it happen again.

Meanwhile, fans also thought that Xbox would release an Xbox One console with a "Game of Thrones’" House Targaryen sigil theme or design. Many would be hyped as they can get their hands on a special edition Xbox console fashioned to one of the most famous books and TV series in the world.

For now, we’ll have to wait for updates from Microsoft to find out what this teaser is really about.