Win10 image
Microsoft is counting on Windows 10, set for formal release on Wednesday, to boost its share of the mobile computing market. Reuters

Windows 10 is launching on Wednesday, and in the runup, Microsoft Monday released the latest in a series of videos outlining key Windows 10 features.

Continuum, as the video explains, detects whether a user is controlling the computer with a keyboard and mouse or with a touchscreen. The system will adapt the user interface either way to make interaction as simple as possible.

The video highlights the range of devices that will benefit from Continuum, but Microsoft makes a point of showing that its Surface tablet has a removable keyboard, switching seamlessly between keyboard and touchscreen modes.

The device is a crucial part of the Windows 10 strategy, as it demonstrates a number of new system features. Surface has been a success for Microsoft, with revenue up 117 percent to $888 million in the third quarter. Windows 10 is supposed to improve the device significantly, with features like Continuum, universal apps and Cortana.

Alongside Continuum, the new universal apps that Microsoft is encouraging developers to make will also adapt to the current input in use. Cortana, Microsoft's speech recognition-powered personal assistant, will provide a further method of interaction with devices by allowing customers to complete basic tasks through voice commands.

Windows 10 will be a free upgrade to users on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. The final version has already been released to Insider Preview testers. Office for Windows 10, the first universal app version of Office, made its debut earlier this month, providing users with a complete modern office suite from day one.