Microsoft warns millions of its Windows 10 users of another bug coming along its latest software update. Screens turning into orange and in some cases turn red.

Problems Caused by the Windows 10 Update

Reports now surface the internet that Microsoft’s new KB4512941 update is causing users another serious trouble. The Windows 10 latest software update allegedly turns everything on the screen orange while in some cases, displays turn completely red.

Although the Windows 10 update that turned everything orange does not impact the updated devices’ performance, the annoying change of color could be eye-watering as some affected users describe. Users such as graphic designers who need their devices to have a perfectly calibrated screen are the ones mainly affected by the bug.

What Can Users Do

Microsoft Windows 10 users luckily found a way to fix the problem or in some cases to prevent their devices from encountering the problem at all. As of the moment, the safest way to keep devices from encountering the orange or red screen upon Microsoft’s new KB4512941 update is to avoid upgrading to the latest update.

Since the Microsoft Windows 10 update does not happen automatically, users may refuse the update prompt that appears on their device. Users who have already installed the update may also undo the process and free their devices up from the trouble of orange and red screen simply uninstalling the latest update.

Seeing the interaction between Windows and graphic rendering as one root cause of the bug, some users managed to free their devices up from the orange and red trouble by upgrading their graphics cards to the latest update.

Scope of Effect

Among all the Microsoft Windows 10 laptop users, Lenovo owners have the highest update affect rates. This is particularly because the Vantage app comes preinstalled with every Lenovo PC and the said app causes problem together with the Windows 10 May (1903) upgrade.

More Troubles From Microsoft Windows 10 Update

For the past few months, Windows 10 updates were flooded with criticism on the internet due to the multiple problems it brought. After responding to Microsoft’s appeal to update in order to prevent the two wormable bugs, users encountered problems such as installation trouble and breaking Bluetooth connections.

Microsoft has yet to acknowledge the most recent Windows 10 update orange and red screen problem.