Minecraft Earth, the latest AR game from Microsoft is out in the Google Play store as a beta.

Microsoft’s Minecraft Earth finally launched in Google Play store as a beta today. Mojang, the Minecraft developer said that the latest augmented reality game is out in five cities namely Stockholm, London, Tokyo and Mexico City.

Who Can Enjoy Minecraft Earth

Since Minecraft Earth AR is only available in beta as of the moment, not everyone in the said five cities can have access to the latest augmented reality game. One must have an invite before beginning to enjoy Microsoft’s Minecraft Earth. Invites have been sent only to some of the registered testers.

System Requirements

Microsoft’s Minecraft Earth AR requires a device that is updated to no less than Android Nougat. Almost all Android devices are capable of the latest augmented reality game but they should be able to have to an AR Core support.

What is in Store

Since Microsoft’s Minecraft Earth AR beta had its playing field reset to 2.0.0 on iOS, players can expect a wider range of adventures and challenges. Players may also expect spiders, creepers and more mobs to be on the scene as they go along their Minecraft Earth journey.

The team behind the beta enabled the use of Rubies as currency on the release of this AR beta. Rubies are what the citizens of Minecraft Earth use for purchasing things that they need to build plates and more items.

The Rubies in Microsoft’s Minecraft Earth AR can be acquired as the player during the game. Players may also opt to buy them directly.

What Happens to Rubies when Switching From Beta to Fully Available Version

Minecraft Earth developers made sure that Rubies gathered during the beta period are used until the fully available version is out. All the earned Rubies are stored in the user’s Xbox Live account.

Minecraft Earth, an augmented reality version of the all-time favorite Minecraft was first launched in May. Its creator Mojang aims to invade the entire planet using Minecraft blocks.