“Minecraft” for console has just been given three new maps for its Battle mode. In addition, Mojang’s sandbox video game has just received its first mini game for the console version, titled “Tumble.”

On Tuesday, “Minecraft” senior marketing manager Jaime Limon took to the official Xbox blog and PlayStation blog to announce the new additions to the popular dig-and-build game.

Limon stated in his posts that for the console version of the game, players will now have the chance to enjoy three new levels by purchasing the Battle Map Pack #3, which costs $2.99 in the Xbox store. He then wrote that the new maps are called the terrifying Invasion, the colossal Castle and the incredible Shipyard.

Limon did not include specific details about the new Battle maps, but an embedded teaser clip shows how the different levels look like. Watch the teaser video below for more about the new maps.

Meanwhile, Windows Central has learned that Microsoft also released a free update for “Minecraft” that includes the first mini game for the console platform called “Tumble.”

The mini game is available for PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Xbox One and Xbox 360, and it is simply a multiplayer game wherein players can challenge their friends to a game of destruction that would only end when only one player would remain, standing, while the rest are bathing in red hot lava.

Limon noted that the multiplayer mode can accommodate up to eight friends and that the mini game allow players to use shovels and snowballs against each other just so they can secure their victory. The shovels will come in handy when players destroy the floor, so that their enemies would fall into the red hot lava below.

Uploaded on Mojang’s official YouTube channel is a teaser clip on how “Tumble” works. Also, the description for the video explains the main objective of the game: “Break blocks beneath your foes’ feet and send them falling to their doom in this frantic competitive mini game.” Check out “Tumble’s” mini game below to get a glimpse on how this mini game works.

The arrival of the new maps and the new update comes a day after Mojang published a post on its website about the 0.16 update for the Pocket Edition and Windows 10 versions of “Minecraft. In the post, Limon revealed that Pocket Edition and Windows 10 players will soon have access to the most ferocious mobs in the game, as well the new features like beacons and a variety of new blocks.