minecraft story mode
"Minecraft: Story Mode" features a wide range of familiar voices as part of an episodic story told in five parts. Microsoft

"Minecraft: Story Mode" launched for Windows 10 on Thursday. The episodic story-driven spinoff from the hit game "Minecraft" has arrived on Windows 10 as a universal app, compatible with both PCs and mobile devices running Microsoft's latest operating system.

"Story Mode" is developed by Telltale games and presented as a five-episode story released episode-by-episode. The game is more of a point-and-click adventure than a traditional Minecraft building game, coming from the talents of the same studio that developed "The Walking Dead" and "Tales from the Borderlands."

For $4.99, players will be able to use the same copy of the game on-the-go as they do at home. The move will be a welcome sigh of relief to parents looking to fuel their child's Minecraft addiction, saving on having to buy the same game twice.

The story features an all-star cast with the vocal talents of Catherine Taber (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) as the female avatar and Patton Oswalt (King of Queens, Ratatouille) as the male avatar. Brian Posehn, Paul Reubens, Ashley Johnson and a whole host of other stars also make an appearance.

The original game launched for Mac, Windows, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on October 13, with Android and iOS versions launching two days later. PS Vita and Wii U versions are due to launch early next year.

Unfortunately, the Windows 10 version currently only has the first episode of "Story Mode," even though other platforms will receive "Episode Four: Wither Storm Finale" next Tuesday, December 22.

Microsoft has slowly been building out its Windows 10 app catalogue, enticing developers to make one app once that can run on any device. The company recently rolled out Windows 10 support for Xbox One consoles, meaning developers now have the option to target a third platform. Although "Story Mode" has already launched for Xbox One, the Windows 10 version unfortunately does not support the console.