"Medical Minecraft" is a modified version of the popular game using IBM Watson. Courtesy/Microsoft

The addictive sandbox indie game “Minecraft” launched Friday for Microsoft’s Xbox One, one day following its release on Sony’s eighth-generation PlayStation 4.

“Having ‘Minecraft’ come to the Xbox One is awesome in and of itself, but even better is that the game has been revamped and fine-tuned in a lot of ways, making ‘Minecraft: Xbox One Edition’ the ultimate expression of the world’s greatest open-world creativity and survival sim,” Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) stated in a blog post on Thursday.

Though the Redmond, Washington-based company assured players that its newest version of “Minecraft” would be the same game players have loved for the past five years, it also promised a slew of new and improved features, including more downloadable content and achievements.

Check out the new features below:

[Via Xbox blog]

Easy Menu Navigation: Crafting tables and other building tools have been simplified with a tabbed interface, making it easier to see what items you can make with the stuff you’ve got, and what items you can go on to make with the ones you’ve just created. Everything’s categorized logically, so it’s easy to get to what you want.

Intuitive Controls: Everything’s mapped to the Xbox One gamepad in a logical and straightforward way, making it easier for new players to get into the game. This was no fluke, as it took a lot of fine-tuning to make everything feel so intuitive.

Tutorial Pop-ins: For new players, Minecraft features not only a tutorial island that teaches you all the game’s core mechanics, but also helpful pop-ins that provide information relative to whatever you happen to be doing.

Easy Online Multiplayer: Simply check a box in your options menu in order to flag your game world as online-capable. You can set it to invite-only if you just want to play with your friends, or open it up to everyone. No need to set up a server, or anything! It’s really as simple as a single button press (and this goes for player-versus-player action, too).

Achievements: As if we would forget this one! Minecraft: Xbox One Edition has a bevy of Achievements that reward you for determination, creativity and skill. We don’t know about you, but we’re going for the perfect 1000 Gamerscore.

Add-On Content: Minecraft: Xbox One Edition also features the largest selection of DLC on console and more than 20 texture packs, mash-ups and skins (including the Xbox-exclusive Halo Mash-up Pack) from the Xbox 360 version, giving the game a unique look on the Xbox One.

Microsoft will also let players transfer “Minecraft” data from their Xbox 360 consoles to their Xbox One devices. Simply attach the game to your Xbox One profile. You’ll then be able to buy the game from the digital store for only $4.99.