Synthia Nath is suing the organizers of the Miss Globe New Zealand pageant after being stripped of her winner title that, according to organizers, belonged to “another Indian girl.”

The New Zealand Herald reported Nath, a 19-year-old Fiji native, was mistaken for the real winner of the pageant, which officials said was "another Indian" contestant named Loriza Latif. Organizers of the pageant said it was an “honest mistake” because the two girls “look alike.”

Nath won the pageant, which cost her $500 to enter, on May 10 in Papakura. When she inquired about her prize after the win, organizers instead asked if she had $3,000.

"I was shocked, I was like, 'Aren't you supposed to give me the money?' They were like 'No' and asked if I had the three grand or not,” she told the New Zealand Herald.

Later, she found out her prize was merely to be eligible to travel to Turkey in June for the Miss Globe International pageant and had to pay her own way. When she called the chief executive of Face of Beauty International Ltd., Milagros Manuel, to let her know she couldn’t afford to enter, she was told to give up her crown.

"She said, 'Good, you don't have the money. Give the crown and sash back, I have other girls lined up'", Nath said.

The following day, Nath was informed the pageant made a mistake naming her the winner. "She said, 'I mixed up the name somehow and it was another Indian girl that should have won,’” Nath said.

Nath said she was asked to give the crown and sash back, but then was offered it back. "You can keep it and pretend that you still are Miss Globe,” Nath said the organizers said.

Now, Nath is suing the pageant because “her reputation had been tarnished by the experience.”