Blood has been shed in Season 3 of “Mistresses.” And apparently, it’s Joss (Jes Macallan) who has been caught red handed in the gruesome murder of Luca (Noam Jenkins). But before Harry’s (Brett Tucker) ex became a suspect in the homicide of Calista’s (Jennifer Esposito) husband, here’s what went down in the crime-ridden episode of the hit ABC thriller.

“Murder She Wrote” kicked off the appropriately titled eighth installment with Joss tripping over Luca’s bloody, dead body (thanks to a random power outage). But instead of calling the police (which she totally should have done), Joss opts to call both Calista and Harry. However, after no one answers her desperate calls, the panicked character crawls into Karen’s shower to wash her blood-stained skin and clothes. Doesn’t Joss know she’s unsuccessfully and suspiciously riding evidence by trying to scrub herself clean?

Things were a bit calmer at April’s ( Rochelle Aytes ) house. Instead of trying to cover up a murder scene, she and Mark (Rob Mayes) were enjoying a cup of coffee while discussing things like April’s relationship with Blair (Brian White) and Harry -- who apparently was doing “great” since his breakup with Joss.

“So you’re saying Harry’s not sad?” April’s questions. “Is Harry dating another woman?” That’s when she learns that Harry slept with the terrible Niko (Emmanuelle Vaugier). “What the hell is wrong with men?”

April decides she doesn’t want to share this particular news with Joss, who, unbeknownst to her, is dealing with even bigger issues. Hicky-sporting Karen (Yunjin Kim) finds Joss wet and shaking on her couch and immediately suspects something went wrong during her mission to catch Luca cheating on Calista.

“There was so much blood, Karen,” Joss says completely unraveled. That’s when Karen takes the reigns and tells her distressed friend that they’re going to call the cops. (Seriously, at least someone is thinking straight.)

When Calista finally rolls up to the scene of the crime, she seems completely confused as to why the police are in her home.

“What happened? Tell me what happened,” she demanded after seeing the pool of blood. Authorities then tell her that Luca was shot, but the murderer is still unknown. Calista looks pretty devastated -- but not enough to make us trust her. (She had to have killed him, right?) Our suspicions worsen when we see Calista listen to Joss’ voicemail before ignoring it.

When the police arrive to Karen’s house, Joss tells them that she and Calista were trying to set up Luca, which is why she was with him the night he was murdered.

“You did great,” Karen tries to reassure her. But we all know Joss’ alibi is sketchy – even she does!

“Oh my God. They think I did it,” Joss pieces together.

While the ladies of “Mistresses” are in complete disarray, Harry and Mark have a heart-to-heart about the lack of sex they’re having. After calling Mark out for having a crush on April, Harry advises his bartender friend that maybe he should be less concerned wooing the unattainable mom and more worried about getting back on the sex-saddle.

Sex is the last thing on Joss’ mind, until she admits to her besties that she wants to dial Harry’s number (because people always call their ex’s when they're suspects in murder case). April then warns Joss to put down the cell before confessing that the Aussie hunk had a late night rendezvous with the evil mixologist. Needless to say, Joss’ day got even worse.

Audiences learned that Calista had an alibi when it was her turn to get interrogated by police: Apparently she was grabbing a drink with her hair stylist. That’s when the officer moves on, discussing the “plan” Joss had told officials about. But Calista plays dumb, claiming she and the party planner never came up with a scheme to catch her husband cheating.

“I’m sorry I have no idea what you’re talking about,” she says with a straight face.

Calista wasn’t the only one playing dumb. After dodging Vivian’s (Sonja Bennet) phone calls, Karen finally met up with the Adams. But instead of admitting to Viv that she and Alec (Ed Quinn) locked more than just lips while she was away, the two decided to stay mum about their indiscretion. Big mistake, guys. Big mistake.

Vivian later caught the duo in their lie when she went over to Karen’s house to discuss the strange behavior her two lovers were exhibiting. So, flat out, she asks Karen if the two of them got together while she was gone.

“I’m sorry. I should have said something earlier,” Karen confessed, adding that she wasn’t sure if it mattered that she and Alec hooked up considering they were technically in a relationship.

“Of course it matters,” Vivian replies, revealing she was a bit angry. “I feel gross.”

Joss then gets a phone call from the police after Calista’s statement -- they want her to go down to the station. As Joss makes her way for another cross-examination, Harry enjoys a smooth drink of vodka. But Harry is smoother than the glass in his cup and manages to introduce Mark to the beautiful blonde that’s trying to sell them liquor to use in their restaurant.

Back at the police station, Joss spots Calista walking down the hall. But her buddy neglects to even acknowledge her. Shady, shady, shady.

During Joss’ interrogation she learns Calista denied that she was ever a part of the plan to catch Luca being unfaithful, which makes her look like a big ol’ liar.

April also finds herself in a tough spot when she discovers her Prince Charming isn’t all that … well, charming. On their anticipated date night, which included Lucy, April witnesses how strict Blair could be after he scolded Lucy for being on her phone while she was telling a story.

April later calls Blair out for his harsh behavior, adding that it’s her job to punish her daughter -- not his. Blair fires back that she wasn’t doing her job as a mother, which is why he stepped in.

Mark ends up using his charisma to get the vodka lover back to Harry’s apartment, which he was using because he was too embarrassed to bring her back to April’s pad. But as it turns out, Mark’s one night stand has a huge crush on Harry and nearly flips when she learns he’s no longer married.

“Put in a good word for me,” she boldly says before darting out.

Joss and Calista end up meeting up in a suspicious location to discuss the recent -- and horrific -- events that just occurred. Calista explains that she can’t go along with the story of how she was trying to catch her husband cheating just so she didn’t have to pay him alimony because that would basically be giving authorities a reason to suspect her of murder.

“Why did you tell them the truth?” Calista whines. Joss replies that she didn’t know what else to do.

“I am not going down for this because you’re too stupid to keep your mouth shut,” Calista says angrily, surprising Joss with her unkind statement. That’s when the murder suspects decides to leave her secretive meeting with Calista.

Calista and Joss’ relationship wasn’t the only affiliation to end during episode 8. The trio called it quits during “Murder She Wrote” after Alec complained that he was scared to love both women. Viv, however, warned him that if Karen was to leave the equation, then they would also have to split up because their romance no longer had any sparks.

“Without Karen I'm not sure if it can go back to being the same,” Viv states.

The episode ended with Mark feeling sorry for himself that he could never get a girl like April.

“Why would April ever go for a guy like me?” he asks Harry. “I have nothing. She’s all about that Blair guy. He’s got it all figured out.”

But little does Mark know April’s feelings for the strict monster have basically diminished.

That’s when Harry hands the former alcoholic a beer, thus beginning Mark’s self destruction.

The final scene concludes with our favorite mistresses questioning if Calista could be behind Luca’s murder. That’s when a light bulb goes off for Joss as she states all the reasons why Calista could be a cold blooded killer.

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