Season 2 of the hit ABC series “Mistresses” left off with a massive cliffhanger -- one so big that its had viewers sitting on the edges of their seats (wine glass in hand) as they patiently waited for the Season 3 premiere. And finally, the time has come for the upcoming installment to air. But before the third season kicks off, why not freshen your memory of all the shenanigans that went down in the last episode, “Till Death Do Us Part”?

Episode 13 of the sophomore installment began with some serious tension between Joss (Jes Macallan) and Harry (Brett Tucker) -- and rightfully so. He did, after all, tell his business partner that she meant “nothing” to him. So why then would he suddenly think it’s OK to place his hand on her lower back for a photo op? Seriously, Harry, make up your mind.

And he did! -- the following day when Joss arrived to the restaurant to quit her job. Before she could put in her two weeks, Harry apologized to Joss for causing grief in their relationship. But Joss, however, wouldn't accept his apology, that is, until he laid one on her.

“Oh my God,” she said moments after locking lips with her sister’s ex-husband. This prompted Joss to flee the bar while simultaneously texting Karen (Yunjin Kim), who was dealing with her own issues (aka a contamination lab result), to meet her for an emergency chat.

Joss told Karen the scandalous details of what happened between her and Savi’s (Alyssa Milano) former beau, claiming that she didn’t want her sister to find out about the steamy kiss. Karen then questioned her friend on whether or not she had feelings for Harry. But instead of saying she didn’t, Joss told Karen that she couldn’t be in love with Harry. Is that because she’s already in love with Scott (Justin Hartley), who she just agreed to marry?

Speaking of Scott, he paid Harry a visit to discuss the upcoming wedding that he was going to surprise Joss with. According to the groom-to-be, he wanted to shock Joss with white wedding after she revealed she was feeling a bit overwhelmed just planning an engagement party. So, Scott decided he would take matters into his own hands -- with a little help from Harry. Harry advised the man about to walk down the aisle with the love of his life not to let Joss’ friends in on the surprise, considering they don’t know how to keep a secret. Harry then promised Scott he would be sitting in the crowd when the two exchanged vows.

But after meeting with Joss, Harry changed his RSVP from yes to no after she begged him not to attend what she thought was going to be an engagement party. So instead of watching Joss get married off to Scott, Harry decided to RSVP to the next best venue: a bar. However, after seeing a woman who resembled Joss, Harry decided to head to the wedding -- a decision that forever altered the storyline of “Mistresses.”

After learning her engagement party was actually a surprise wedding, Joss slipped into one of the wedding dresses Scott left hanging in her room. Savi and her friends gasped at how beautiful the bride-to-be looked but it was Harry’s reaction that affected her the most. Harry spotted Joss on the balcony in her flowing gown while she was getting some air moments before the nuptials were about to take place. The two then locked eyes, thus leading to one of the steamiest scenes ever witnessed on “Mistresses.”

The two reunited on the beach, which is where Harry revealed to Joss that he’s in love with her. The duo celebrated his admission with a passionate kiss, which eventually leads to a sexy, sand-covered makeout session. While Joss and Harry rolled around on the beach, Scott was patiently waiting for his future wife at the altar as Savi attempted to hunt down the man she used to be married to. In the finale, Savi decided she wanted to give it another whirl with Harry. She was convinced they had a shot at love once again when she accompanied her ex to the hospital following his air conditioned mishap. The installment ended as Savi finds her sister’s shoes on the beach, inching closer and closer to the rocks where Joss and Harry were kissing.

Although the finale centered on Harry and Joss' steamy storyline, it did unveil some juicy drama for both Karen and April (Rochelle Aytes). April got caught in a lie when her daughter learned the truth about her dad. Her father was alive -- until recently when he became a victim of a drug-involved shooting. Lucy (Corinne Massiah) was beside herself, heartbroken that her mother would keep such a thing from her.

In episode 13 Karen learned that although she’s HIV-negative, “something else came up” in her blood work, according to her doctor. Could Karen be pregnant?

“Mistresses” will air its two-hour Season 3 premiere on Thursday, June 18, at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC.