One of the few things Google can't seem to serve up relevant results for is Mitt Romney Skinny Jeans.

People clearly care about Mitt Romney's skinny jeans. On, it's the first auto-complete suggestion when one types in Mitt Romney. (Image below accessed Oct. 6).

Google, however, comes up with just one picture mixed with a sea of irrelevant photos. (Image below accessed Oct . 6).

To be fair, one can't completely blame Google; many of the top results contain stock photos of Mitt Romney from articles about Mitt Romney's skinny jeans. However, even these articles don't have actual photos of Romney in skinny jeans.

Contrastingly, Michele Bachmann Corn Dog yields extremely relevant results. (Image below accessed Oct. 7).

I first came across a picture of Romney in skinny jeans (sometime in 2010, I think) when I read a comprehensive profile of him. Back then, I didn't even know Mitt Romney Skinny Jeans is a big deal, but the picture made an impression on me because he looked incredibly awkward.

I don't remember the title of the piece, but it talked about how Romney planned a road trip with his family and left nothing up to details. And it had a huge picture of Romney in blue skinny jeans.

I tried Googling for the article but came up empty. Google Images did not have that blue skinny jeans picture, either.

It seems one often comes up empty when trying to find pictures of Romney in skinny jeans. They definitely exist, but they're incredible hard to find for some reason.

That's probably good for Romney's 2012 presidential campaign as pictures of him in dress pants look more presidential than pictures of him in skinny jeans.

I have no idea if Romney's people know about this situation or influenced it, but if they knew what's good for Romney, they would be pleased with Google's failure.