Cally's Cave 3
Gameplay from "Cally's Cave 3." Official Cally's Cave 3 Steam Page

After a successful stint as a free-to-play mobile game, the developers in VDO Games have brought “Cally’s Cave 3” to Steam for PC gamers to play. The “Cally’s Cave” series is an old-school type of game, with 2D graphics and gameplay reminiscent of “Metal Slug” or “Contra.”

What differentiates it from “Metal Slug” or other old-school shooter games is the focus on platforming. The game manages to balance both aspects very well, providing plenty of upgradable weapons to shoot enemies with and secret areas to explore. The well-rendered 2D graphics is icing on the cake for old-school gamers who might miss these types of games.

Players control Cally, who must once again save her parents from archenemy Herbert. According to Siliconera, the mad villain is planning to experiment on her parents and has taken over the caves to make sure Cally doesn’t interfere. Naturally, Cally ends up doing just that, with enough firearms that would make any weapons collector jealous.

In order to survive the experience and save her friends, Cally must learn new abilities and find new weapons to take down the various enemies guarding Herbert. She will need to learn moves like the Triple Jump and Water Wings, while also making her various weapons even deadlier.

Thankfully she’s not alone, as Cally will have help from Bera, who is a Ninja Bear. Bera will be able to solve some of the game’s puzzles for Cally, who will continue to focus on shooting and platforming to save her parents.

Fans, who are interested in “Cally’s Cave 3” on Steam, will be happy to know that the game is on sale till Jan. 13. PC users just need to head to the official “Cally’s Cave 3” Steam page and buy the game there. The game comes in a standard edition and a deluxe edition, which comes with the game’s soundtrack.

The Steam version of “Cally’s Cave” will immediately have survival mode and new game plus, once the main story mode has been finished. These modes had to be paid for in iOS and Android, which was technically fair since the main game is free-to-play.

“Cally’s Cave 3” can now be purchased on Steam. Those with a mobile device can get the game for free, with additional payment for the new modes.

Cally's Caves 3 - Steam Greenlight Trailer (Credit: YouTube/MrJordanfwc)