Mobile World Congress 2012 kicks off Feb. 27 in Barcelona, and smartphones from Samsung, Nokia, HTC and Sony will all be previewed, announced, unveiled and otherwise fawned over by tech geeks the world over. Not all of them will make it to U.S. carriers, but this preview will give a good glimpse of some of the best mobile tech to look forward to for the rest of the year. Apple will not be making any big announcements, and Samsung has their own event planned for later in the year (for the Galaxy S3, no doubt). But, Samsung will be unveiling new devices, and besides them, HTC and Sony appear to be ready for big shows.

HTC may have the most to prove, and it looks like they will be showing off plenty of kit. HTC may be readying several quad-core devices like the codenamed Zeta and the codenamed OneS. They may also be readying a tablet to go along with the smartphone lineup. LG has already teased several new devices like the Optimus Vu, a 5-inch screen Android device and the L7, a 4.7-inch phone with LG's Floating Mass display. That name is said to be in reference to how close the protective glass sits to the display, giving it a floating effect. This is the just the beginning, so start the slideshow to see 10 of the best new phones sure to drop at the Mobile World Congress.

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