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A Texas police officer received quite the shock while issuing a traffic citation on Wednesday.

Aransas Pass Police Officer Keith Moore pulled over a driver and wrote him a speeding ticket, according to Corpus Christi television station KRIS-TV. As he handed the motorist a digital ticket machine for him to sign, a monkey attacked the officer, biting him on the hand.

“His monkey attacked me,” Moore, 21, said while telling his sergeant about it in the above video.

“What?” the sergeant asked, incredulously.

“He’s got a monkey, and it attacked my hand,” Moore said. “I’m not even kidding.”

“A monkey? Like a legitimate monkey,” the sergeant asked.

“Yeah, like a legitimate monkey,” Moore said.

Moore, who had a video camera on his glasses, can be seen in footage taken from the traffic stop jumping back after the monkey took his bite.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the monkey is trained to perform at carnivals and events. And even though the diminutive ape added a little unexpected excitement to the traffic stop, the driver still received his citation.