• Items like Barrel Bombs and Tranq Bombs can be thrown from a distance
  • Wirebug mobility is extremely useful when fighting monsters
  • Monster movement can be predicted based on their animations

With the successful release of “Monster Hunter Rise” for the PC, there’s no better time for a quick refresher on some important things that both new and veteran hunters may not know about.

In true “Monster Hunter” fashion, there are many things that the game doesn’t tell the players about, which could lead to a disadvantage in the middle of a hunt. Here are four essential tips to keep in mind before heading out of Kimura Village.

Throwable Items

Unlike in “Monster Hunter World,” there are plenty of previously-unthrowable things that players can chuck at monsters. Tranquilizer Bombs, for example, can now be thrown from a distance for a safer and possibly quicker monster capture. The same goes for Small Barrel Bombs.

Medium and Large Barrel Bombs can also be thrown this time, but players need to be mid-air to do this. Use the Wirebug to get some hang time and throw a big bomb down. This can prove useful in many situations like wake-ups and other bomb-focused strategies.

Extra Monster Materials

One thing first-time hunters may not know is that some monsters can be harvested for materials even without killing or capturing them. Fulgurbugs, for example, can be picked from the back of a Zinogre once it gets knocked to the ground.

Wirebug Movement Mechanics

Proper use of the Wirebug can make or break a hunt. The ability to quickly recover from a big hit or avoid attacks completely is invaluable, and players should master these techniques as soon as they can.

The Wirebug adds a whole new way to traverse the environment in Monster Hunter Rise
The Wirebug adds a whole new way to traverse the environment in Monster Hunter Rise Capcom

Simply using the Wirebug to dash sideways is a great start, and it will save players from fainting on most occasions. Meanwhile, dashing upwards can open up extra attack approaches that are especially useful against flying monsters.

Monster Recovery Timings

When a monster is knocked to the ground, pay attention to the number of times they flail about. This will let players know how much time they have to deal as much DPS as possible, and it will help make sure that big attacks like the Greatsword’s True Charged Slash or Longsword’s Spirit Helm Breaker have enough time to connect.

Monsters have different recovery timings, so keep this in mind while learning how to fight them.