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Reptile is teased for "Mortal Kombat X." Warner Bros./NetherRealm Studios (via

The new patch for “Mortal Kombat X" has already hit the PS4 and PC versions, while Xbox One players can expect it anytime. With the patch comes a few new sneak peeks of upcoming items for the game. The teasers include a look at two packs, the Klassic Pack and the Brazil Pack, as well as the Klassic Reptile costume.

MP1st spotted a screenshot showing off Tanya’s character background and character model. Some characters will also have new costumes, including Sonya Blade, Liu Kang, Kano, Johnny Cage and Kung Lao. Finally, Reptile’s character model and character background has also been revealed.

Tanya is also showcased in the latest “Mortal Kombat X” patch. However, while Tanya’s character select and even fatality have already reached the Internet, there is still no word on when exactly she will be released via the downloadable content. There is speculation that the release of the Klassic Pack is near. However, for those who are on the fence and unsure whether to buy the DLC, developer NetherRealm Studios may let players play-test her as a fighter.

This was previously done for Jason Vorhees, as he was made available for trial through the Living Towers. This had been the developer's plan, so that players could first see if they wanted to purchase a player by testing out the offered characters in the Living Towers.

Gamerant also found a new brutality that came with the newest patch. The new move is supposedly called Blanche Brutality. If there were people who thought that some of the brutalities and finishes in “Mortal Kombat X” have been ridiculous or gory, this new move makes use of an old lady.

Supposedly, there are two Branche Brutalities, spotted by Redditor LlamaRenegade. According to the source, the first is executed through the use of two-stage interactions and then throwing Blanche at the opponent. There is also a secret second brutality, which can be seen in the video below.

Prior to this, another patch fixed a few issues involving gameplay. Over at the official WB Games website, the full patch notes had been listed, revealing rebalances for some of the fighters in the roster, targeted bug fixes on the multiplayer mode and some overall tweaks to matchmaking. Some of the general fixes also include another unlocked counter for the Krypt, console-specific fixes and ping meter accuracy improvements. The full patch notes plus character-specific fixes can be seen in the link above.

Blanche Brutality (Credit: YouTube/Samu Hakkila)

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