Screenshot of a purported "Destiny" leak from "House of Wolves." Courtesy/reddit/usermegamanexe64

Bungie has released the new trailer for the coming “Destiny” expansion "House of Wolves." The developer announced Thursday that this will be the last sneak peek players will get on the “Destiny” expansion until the game is released next Tuesday.

Compared to an earlier trailer where the developer talked about what’s coming for "House of Wolves," the new video, seen below, is mostly a preview of the DLC. There are some gameplay and cut scenes, which feature some of the new additions and characters to remind players of what they can do in each new section.

Unofficially, however, fans have churned out a video that delves into the gears, factions and items coming with "House of Wolves." MP1st spotted a video detailing the new vendor and faction gears that players can access. For longtime players, the rewarding part is that they need only enough Vanguard and Crucible marks to get the new items, even without the DLC.

Planet Destiny has created a few videos discussing the coming features for House of Wolves. One video discusses the new faction weapons and armor. Another goes into detail about the best "House of Wolves" Crucible and Vanguard weapons as well as the Queen’s Armaments.

If anything, there is a rather compelling atmosphere to the latest expansion, with “Destiny” backing up its tagline of becoming a legend. Considering the never-ending rumors of “Destiny 1.5” or even a sequel expanding the universe even more, the fact that "House of Wolves" will provide even more content and explorable areas is no surprise.

Before the drop of the new expansion, the player community got word of a technical issue found in the Update 1.2.0. However, it appears that there is nothing to worry about in terms of timelines. Community manager David “DeeJ"’ Dague was quick to update the “Destiny” community, as the final word Thursday was that the solutions have been found for the issue.

In the weekly blog update from Bungie, it was confirmed that the Update 1.2.0 is looking good and ready come Friday. Patch notes are expected once the update goes live and is finally ready for players to update.

Speaking of improvements before the update, DeeJ also got together with matchmaking engineer Damian Frank, as documented in the weekly blog update. He talked about Connection Recovery, which can serve as a good way to safeguard some battles once you get online.

According to Frank, Connection Recovery is Bungie’s way of helping people get more chances to stay in their games even when some basic networking problems hit. This is basically an improved way to attempt reconnecting players who are kicked out while playing because of a lost connection. Frank did state that this may not always be the case, but in times when it is successful, the game will go on.

For “Destiny” expansion "House of Wolves," the Connection Recovery is limited to the Trials of Osiris. Frank acknowledged that Trials of Osiris may yield to more frustrated Guardians when network disconnections occur, which is why it will serve as the beta run for players. The goal is to ensure that Connection Recovery goes well here so that it can be applied to other or even all activities in “Destiny.”

"Destiny" House of Wolves expansion trailer (Credit: YouTube/destinygame)

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