Motorola will be introducing its flagship for this year, the Moto Z, also referred widely as Moto X 2016 on Thursday. Even though leaked configurations and renders from the past have given a good idea of what to expect from the Moto device, a freshly leaked teaser shows the exterior design.

Going by the leaked teaser image shared by the Weibo user “Ucanup,” the Moto Z will come with the traditional side button layout, along with the protruding camera unit at the back. Only the side view of the handset can be seen from the image and it shows the device in silver color.

Furthermore, Phone Arena says this device is expected to come with a modular design. The Moto Z may not be fully modular like Google’s upcoming Project Ara, but it is believed to bring in some element of modularity called MotoMods. For instance, the LG G5 is partly modular.

As far as the rumored specifications go, the Moto Z will apparently carry an AMOLED screen, complete with shattershield technology onboard. This is the same technology used in Motorola’s sturdy Droid Turbo 2 handset.

On June 9, apart from the Moto Z 2016, Motorola is also expected to introduce a bunch of accessories. Speaking of accessories, similar to other Moto X devices released thus far, Moto Z users will also get to customize the device via MotoMaker.

Recently, Moto Z’s back shells, also referred as StyleMods, got leaked. Apart from adding customized look to the exterior of the handset, these covers will reportedly be able to add functionality. The covers come with a 16-pin port stationed at the bottom of the smartphone, which can be used to transform the flagship into a camera by including a shutter button, lens cover and optical zoom.