Motorola Xoom is the first tablet computer with the features to compete against the uncontested leader iPad, according to AP's technology writer.

Xoom scores on factors like its large touch screen, powerful processor, Google's tablet-special Android 3 software, the extremely user friendly touch-screen keyboard and the -D-esque views incorporated throughout Xoom's software, according to Rachel Metz, the AP tech writer.

The reviewer's eulogy of Xoom continues: I was happy to see an updated Web browser, which gives you the ability to open multiple tabs on a single screen; the iPad can't do that and instead forces you to open a new window for each Web page.

The Xoom's screen size is larger than iPad's and its resolution is higher than the Apple product's too, Metz says.

And Metz says Xoom's processing speed tops iPad's. The Xoom's 1 gigabyte of random-access memory — the kind important for running programs — is much more than the iPad has.