The Motorola Xoom has undergone a tech journalist's teardown.

The latest round up of news on Motorola's tablet shows that the tablet has overclocked at 1.5 GHz from coolbh3000, a member of xda-developers forum. Before that, there was a report from the developer of the SetCPU app showing the tablet running at 1.2 GHz. That makes the Xoom tablet the fastest running tablet to date.

While the tablet has several features the iPad does not, including cameras, like the iPad it does not support Adobe Flash. The Xoom is expected to receive an update within a few months, and a future update will also enable the microSD slot.

The introductory price of the tablet is $799 GSM and CDMA $599 for Wi-Fi only version.

A video of the Motorola running at 1.5 GHz:

Also after the 2011 Super Bowl advertisement that was designed as a satire of Apple's landmark 1984 Super Bowl ad, Motorola has released another commercial showing their plan to introduce their product to masses.

The new ad for the Motorola Xoom: