The NFL did not just succeed in uniting football fans all over the country for its Super Bowl LI event and halftime show this Sunday, it may have also inspired more players to back Digital Dreams Entertainment’s Kickstarter campaign for “Mutant Football League,” a sporty video game that is more of a pandemonium than a sporting competition. Apparently, in time with Sunday’s “Big Game,” the crowdfunding project achieved its financial goal to green light “MFL’s” release on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

On Sunday, while everyone in America was glued to their television screens for Super Bowl LI, “Mutant Football League” creator Michael Mendheim delivered the news about the milestone on the game’s Kickstarter page. “‘MFL’ makes goal on Super Bowl Sunday!!! We did it!!!!” Mendheim wrote before thanking Kickstarter and the MFL community or the backers that are giving the “wildest, goriest, most outrageous football game ever” a chance.

The campaign was launched on Feb. 2, so it only took three days for Digital Dreams to reach the $60,000 goal for the project. There are still 28 days left before the campaign closes on March 7, so it won’t be surprising if the figure is significantly larger by that time. Also, “MFL” is a revival of Electronic Arts’ “Mutant League Football” that was launched way back in 1993 for the Sega Genesis. For sure, gamers familiar with the original game also helped in ensuring that the new game would see the light of the day.

This isn’t the first time that a Kickstarter campaign was launched for the murderous arcade football game. PC Gamer learned that Digital Dreams initially attempted to get funding from players back in 2013. However, the developer may have asked for too much when it set the goal at $750,000 that time. In the end, the project only managed to raise less than 20 percent of the goal. It’s good that this time around, the goal for the project is more modest at $60,000 — something that is really doable.

For interested players, there is no other way to have access to the demo than to back the campaign first. After pledging an amount, they can have access to the fully playable demo of the “NFL Blitz” arcade-style football game that pits a team of seven mutants, robots and monsters against other teams. The highlight of the game isn’t really how one plays with the ball on the field, but on how one utilizes the players to crush the opposing team literally.

PC players can expect the game to arrive on the platform this year, while Xbox One and PS4 gamers should wait a little more because Mendheim promised an early 2018 release on the consoles. For PC players, they need the official Xbox One or PS$ DualShock Controller to play “Mutant Football League.” In addition, the PC they are using should have 4GB or RAM or more, run Windows 7 or higher, have an Intel Core i3 processor or better and have the Nvidia GeForce 460 drivers or better.