• "My Hero Academia" Chapter 270 to address the Shigaraki problem
  • The pro heroes managed to destroy the vat and Shigaraki is left lifeless
  • However, Kyudai Garaki will try to revive Shigaraki

The ultimate evil force awakens. Tomura Shigaraki is likely to survive the attack. However, fans will have to wait a little longer as “My Hero Academia” Chapter 270 is delayed.

This article contains spoilers from “My Hero Academia” manga.

Viz Media unveiled the latest schedule indicating that “My Hero Academia” Chapter 270 will release Sunday (May 10).

Chapter 269 started with Mirko lying on the ground with barely any strength to move. After taking multiple hits battling high-end Nomus, Mirko impressed Endeavor.

Meanwhile, Endeavor tried to cauterized her wounds, and she insisted that they deal with the vat that has Shigaraki.

Even under extreme pain, Mirko yelled that they should not let Shigaraki wake up. “He is not just small-time thug! Not anymore!” she shouted.

Elsewhere, a high-end Nomu noticed Endeavor and signaled for more high-end Nomus. However, Present Mic, X-Less, Crust, and Eraser Head arrive in the nick of time to tackle the high-end Nomus.

Kyudai Garaki was checking the damage to the vat. He was pleased that the data was intact. Now, all he had to do was wake him up before more fluid leaks out.

Garaki called for his evil force to rise. “Awaken, Tomura Shigaraki!”

However, Present Mic attacked the vat before Shigaraki could awaken. His body was completely exposed, and X-Less checked on him. “He is in a deathlike state to better withstand the burden of the process. That capsule was for the procedure while preserving and reviving him,” Present Mic said while holding down Garaki.

Shigaraki’s heart stopped beating. Garaki was left shattered.

“My Hero Academia” Chapter 270 will reveal Shigaraki’s fate. It will be interesting to see if Garaki has any new tricks up his sleeve to revive Shigaraki.

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