• "My Hero Academia" chapter 276 continues Shigaraki's path of destruction
  • Eraser Head is likely to have a faceoff with the enemy
  • "My Hero Academia" chapter 276 is not releasing Sunday (June 21) 

Tomura Shigaraki is in no mood to stop, and the heroes are struggling to fight this villain. “My Hero Academia” chapter 276 is likely to showcase a battle between Eraser Head and Shigaraki.

This article contains spoilers for “My Hero Academia” manga chapters.

In chapter 275 of “My Hero Academia,” Shigaraki continues to go after Izuku Midoriya (Deku) and his One For All Quirk. Meanwhile, Deku and Bakugo have a plan to defeat Shigaraki. The duo has set a trap, and Deku will lure him, and Bakugo plans to ambush.

Endeavor follows Shigaraki and informs other heroes that he has altered course. He tells them that Shigaraki is headed southwest.

All this communication between the heroes has annoyed Shigaraki, and he wants to put an end to it.

Endeavor, Deku, and other heroes plan to converge and attack as a team as Shigaraki has proved that he is immensely powerful.

Facing someone like Shigaraki with no backup can be extremely dangerous. However, Bakugo is excited to have a faceoff with the ultimate villain. In the newly released “My Hero Academia” chapter, Bakugo reveals that he has some unfinished business with Shigaraki. He thinks that One For All is a bait, and he will be the one to beat Shigaraki.

As the manga progresses, fans have witnessed how ferocious Shigaraki has turned out to be. He has regenerative capabilities, and his Decay Quirk is nothing short of lethal.

According to Comicbook, Shigaraki getting Rag Doll’s Search Quirk is bad news for the heroes. The Search Quirk allows its user to store the weaknesses and locations of every person he or she has met in the past.

Rag Doll has met most of the heroes, so Shigaraki knows about Eraser Head, Deku, Bakugo, and Endeavor.

The latest schedule by Viz reveals that “My Hero Academia” will not be releasing Sunday (June 21). The manga is taking a break and will return with chapter 276 Sunday (June 26). Fans can read the chapter when it is out on Manga Plus and Viz.