• Mt. Lady battles Gigantomachia in the new chapter
  • The battle happens on the mansion
  • “My Hero Academia” chapter 278 released Sunday (July 12)

Shigaraki and his gang of villains are wreaking havoc on the streets as heroes struggle to contain the threat.

Yu Takeyama, also known as Mt. Lady, will be locking horns with Gigantomachia in “My Hero Academia” chapter 278.

This article contains spoilers for “My Hero Academia” manga chapters.

The final panels of “My Hero Academia” chapter 277 reveals the fight on the mansion. Mt. Lady and Gigantomachia are ready to battle while other heroes run for cover.

“My Hero Academia” chapter 277 starts with a panel showcasing Deku and Shigaraki face to face. Deku tells Gran Torino that as long as Aizawa continues to erase Shigaraki’s Quirks, they can join this fight.

Meanwhile, the High-End Nomu are battling against other heroes on the ground. Deku knows that they are severely outnumbered against Shigaraki and his team.

Deku fears that the worst case is losing their teacher – Aizawa. He remembers the good times with his teacher, who has watched over Class 1-A all this time. He vows that they will not lose him. Meanwhile, Aizawa, who is struggling to keep his eyes open, gets emotional, and remembers his first meeting with Deku.

In the meantime, Bokugo cuts in with his A.P. Machine Gun, which has no impact on Shigaraki. The villain mocks Bokugo for his “cute fireworks.”

Deku attacks with his Black Whip, but Shigaraki easily uses it against Deku. Shigaraki tells Bokugo that he is not interested in him anymore. Meanwhile, Endeavor joins the fight and asks Deku about Shoto. Deku tells the pro hero that it is just the two of them against Shigaraki.

Meanwhile, Aizawa assures the heroes that he will not blink and continue to erase Shigaraki’s Quirks. Endeavor tells Bakugo to cover Deku while he goes after Shigaraki again.

Towards the end of the chapter, the fight on the mansion continues between Gigantomachia and Mt. Lady. Will other heroes join Mt. Lady against the evil Gigantomachia?

“My Hero Academia” chapter 278 is releasing Sunday (July 12). The chapters are available online on Manga Plus and Viz Media.

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