• Shigaraki is back in action
  • Deku, Endeavor and the other heroes try to stop Shigaraki
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 281 is releasing Sunday

After a one-week hiatus, the manga is set to return with a brand-new chapter. "My Hero Academia" Chapter 281 is a few days away from its official release date, but spoilers and leaks are out.

The latest spoilers for "My Hero Academia" Chapter 281, which is titled "Plus Ultra," reveals Kohei Horikoshi will shine the spotlight back on Shigaraki’s storyline. Twitter user Atsushi shared the summary translated by Keigowing.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 281 opens from where Chapter 280 ends. Shigraki’s father’s words ring in his head as he remembers him saying how he hurt his family to help others as a hero.

Shigaraki tries to stand and the scene shifts to Ken Takagi, Manual and Aizawa. Ken informs them that he will start using his Quirk on certain things and wants Manual to not let the water slip from Aizawa’s eyes. Aizawa cannot blink his eyes as he uses his Quirk against Shigaraki.

Shigaraki continues to rant about how the heroes have pretended to protect society while putting a lid on their wrongdoings. In "My Hero Academia" Chapter 281, Endeavor interrupts Shigaraki with a massive attack, but he manages to rise above the flames.

In the chapter, Shigaraki goes for Gran Torino and ends up killing him with his bare hands. Deku is furious and rushes after Shigaraki. Bakugo follows Deku as he launches an attack. Deku utilizes his Black Whip, but it remains ineffective against the supremely powerful Shigaraki.

The villain shifts his focus toward Aizawa and Manual and advances toward them. However, Dragon Hero: Ryuko intervenes and intercepts Shigaraki.

Later, Deku tackles Shigaraki from behind and announces he will not forgive him for killing Gran Torino.

Shigaraki elbows Deku in the stomach. Meanwhile, Endeavor is close and he yells at Deku to tighten his Black Whip grip around the villain. Endeavor hopes Deku can restrain Shigaraki. It remains to be seen if Gigantomachia is close by to join the fight with his lord Shigaraki.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 281 is scheduled to release Sunday. Fans can read the digital version of the chapter on Manga Plus and Viz.

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