• Deku keeps running away from his loved ones
  • Class A is trying hard to reunite with Deku
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 322 is releasing Monday

No matter how dangerous the situation is, Deku’s classmates and friends are ready to do anything to hold his hand. Class A’s students want to keep running alongside him and fight All For One and the other villains.

The final page of Chapter 321 teased Deku might change his decision about fighting against the villains alone. In "My Hero Academia" Chapter 322, it is likely Deku will not let go of Ingenium’s hand and join forces with the rest of Class A.

The previous chapter started with Endeavor arriving near the battlefield. He met with Eijiro Kirishima, Yuga Aoyama and Toru Hagakure. They handed Dictator to the pro hero.

Endeavor noted Dictator might not be operating alone. He added they needed to make sure the hero-hating civilians were safe, too. He instructed the three to join Hawks and the others to secure the area from any threat.

Hawks asked Endeavor if they should get Best Jeanist to deal with this situation and get done with it. Endeavor told Hawks to let them figure this out and not let anyone else interfere.

The scene changed to Class A’s students still trying to stop Deku with force. Shoto wondered if Deku ever thought All For One wanted him to be in this state. And the villain might grab this opportunity to attack U.A.

Shoto wanted Deku to consider their backup plan because he knew Deku loved U.A. and wanted to protect it. He felt Deku sticking with Class A was a valid option.

However, Deku was adamant that it was a fight between All For One and One For All, and they all couldn't keep up with it.

Deku managed to free himself from Shoto’s ice but Froppy was ready with her tongue attack. He dodged it but saw Mineta holding on to the tongue.

Later, in the chapter, other heroes joined Froppy, Mineta, Shoto, Uravity and the others to convince Deku.

Will Deku reunite with his friends in Chapter 322?

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 322 is coming out Monday. Fans can read the chapter online on Viz and Manga Plus.

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