• Endeavor takes Dictator into custody
  • Uraraka, Mineta and the other continue to stop Deku from fleeing
  • "My Hero Academia" Chapter 321 is releasing this Sunday

Deku continues to run from his friends because he believes All For One will kill his loved ones. Moreover, he feels it is a battle between One For All and All For One. The latest leaks and spoilers of "My Hero Academia" Chapter 321 show Class A's continued efforts to reunite with Deku.

Twitter user Atsushi has shared the summary of "My Hero Academia" Chapter 321. The chapter starts with Hagakure, Kirishima and Aoyama handing over Dictator to Endeavor, who arrives in his car.

Endeavor tells them to keep the protesting civilians safe, but Hawks thinks Best Jeanist would do a better job. Aoyama and Hagakure agree and they start rushing to finish the job.

Endeavor tells Hawks that he should not worry as the students won't create any problem.

The scene in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 321 changes to Shoto telling Deku he doesn't know what All For One is planning at this time. He fears All For One might have seen this entire scenario and is planning something sinister against the U.A. Academy.

He tries to convince Deku they need to come together and fight against All For One and the League of Villains.

However, Deku tells him it is the fight only between One For All and All For One, so the others will not be able to follow. Deku manages to free himself from Shoto's ice trap, but Tsuyu almost immediately tries to catch Deku using her tongue.

Deku is able to deflect, but it was part of a plan to launch Mineta in the air, who will unleash a new technique called Mineta Beads 10-Joint.

Mineta tells Deku he never believed that One For All is a cool Quirk, all he admired was Deku's ability to win along with his friends.

Deku intently hears Mineta and apologizes. Later, he launches Black Whip and is ready to use Faux 100% and Fa Jin. Uraraka appears at that time. She tells him she won't let him run away.

Later, Uraraka calls other students to stop Deku. Can they succeed in their attempts to convince Deku to head back to the academy?

Fans can read "My Hero Academia" Chapter 321 online on Viz and Manga Plus on Sunday. The print version of the chapter will be out Monday.

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