Any girl would need a trip to the salon after 21 days in the wilderness, but Lindsey from “Naked and Afraid” is going to need more than just a deep conditioning mask. In the Season 3 premiere of the Discovery show, the triathlete allows her partner to cut her hair with a hatchet.

In a clip obtained by E! Online, Lindsey offers her hair to be used as cords to help start a fire. Luke has long dreads, which could be used, but Lindsey’s hair is several inches longer.

“Your hair is nice, though,” Luke reasoned.

“It’s so we can get fire," Lindsey told her partner. "Just do it before I change my mind."

Luke cut the first piece from the middle of the back of her head. With her hair down, it’s probably unnoticeable. However it wasn't until after that Luke realized that a braid would help them much more.

“Oh my God,” Lindsey said as she allowed Luke to cut two more pieces with his hatchet.

As we previously reported, Lindsey and Luke are the first contesants to be featured in Season 3 of the hit Discovery show. Luke, a "mountain man," and Lindsey, "a triathlete and homeschooling mom, will be put to the test when they are dropped off in Namibia, Africa." The pair will struggle with a lack of food and fire while they attempt to navigate the difficult and thorny landscape. They have to survive 21 days with only one personal item each, and the only prize they will walk off with is the pride of knowing they finished.

That means that Lindsey is allowing a naked stranger to cut her hair with a tiny ax just to say that she could survive in the African wilderness for three weeks.

We don’t really know how they planned to use hair to light a fire, but maybe that’s why we prefer the comfort of being clothed and connected to Wi-Fi. The Season 3 premiere of “Naked and Afraid” is titled “Primal Fear” and will air on Sunday, June 29, at 10 p.m. EDT. Is Lindsey’s haircut a big sacrifice or is it no big deal? Sound off in the comments.