Jenelle Evans
"Teen Mom 2" star Nathan Griffith told Jenelle Evans it might have been better if she had an abortion after the two heard Kaiser's heartbeat for the first time. MTV

“Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans is currently seven months pregnant with her second son, to be named Kaiser, and she and boyfriend Nathan Griffith have been teasing marriage rumors, but all is not bliss for the young lovers.

In the sneak peek for the 90-minute season finale of “Teen Mom 2,” Griffith essentially tells his girlfriend, 22, that she should have an abortion. The couple had just gotten back from hearing the child’s heartbeat, and instead of being overjoyed that they are bringing their child into the world, the two fight over whether they should have conceived him in the first place.

"How is a child worth living if he doesn't have a mother and father that loves him?" Griffith said. "All these kids these days have messed up problems because people don't make the right choices. How do you think our child's gonna raise up if we're fighting 24/7? He might as well just be f--king dead."

Evans is naturally devastated to hear her boyfriend say they should have aborted their son, whom they already named Kaiser, after they just got back from their doctor appointment. "That's sick, I'm 12 weeks, I'm not like two weeks, Nathan," she said. "We just heard the heartbeat today. How could you say that?"

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Evans controversially had an abortion when she discovered she was pregnant with estranged husband Courtland Rogers' child, and then soon afterward she started dating Griffith. The two were only together for a few months when they decided to conceive a child, and for the first time viewers got to see Griffith having doubts over starting a family with Evans.

They clearly have gotten over some quarrels, since they’re still together. After attending a wedding, Evans posted a picture to Instagram where she teased that she might be the next to tie the knot.

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