Due to the extended lockdowns that forced people to stay at home, sleepwear and loungewear have become the clothing of choice among women. It's also become normal to go braless. But as we slowly ease back to our regular routines and start wearing our usual clothes for going out, some might wonder, "Is a bra important to wear?"

Honestly, it is. Wearing a bra is not purely for aesthetic reasons.  There are a lot of benefits to wearing a bra. From preventing back pain, providing much-needed support when engaging in physical activities to keeping you comfortable during the day, wearing the right bra should make you feel good.

In support of breast cancer awareness and encourage regular self-examinations, October 13 is recognized as National No Bra Day 2021. Here's a look at different types of bra styles from the best bra brands 2021, that'll help you feel comfortable and secure as you stay at home or go about your day-to-day activities.

1. Triangle Bra

Cuup Triangle Bra Cuup Triangle Bra Photo: shopcuup.com

This bra type features triangular-shaped cups that can come either with or without an underwire. Those which don’t have underwires don’t offer the same support or coverage but work well for lounging or as an "indoor bra." The Triangle by Cuup is fitted with a subtle underwire and offers wonderful support so you can wear it both for work-from-home days or casual days out.

2. Demi Bra

Cuup Demi Bra Cuup Demi Bra Photo: shopcuup.com

This bra type has a low cut and angled cups to highlight the top of the breasts making it perfect for dresses and tops with sexy necklines. Its added support makes it one of the best bras for small chests. The Demi by Cuup is made with a 3D spacer fabric to provide nipple control without the need for extra padding that could get stuffy. Get breathable support with this version of the classic Demi. 

3. Balconette Bra

Cuup Balconette Bra Cuup Balconette Bra Photo: shopcuup.com

The balconette bra or balcony bra acts as a push-up bra because of the placement of its underwire. It's great for those who want extra lift and support. This type of bra is the solution for those who want to make their top breast look fuller. The Balconette by Cuup takes the sexiness of the balconette bra and gives it a modern look for a comfortable fit that works well for everyday wear.

4. Plunge Bra

Cuup Plunge Bra Cuup Plunge Bra Photo: shopcuup.com

Perfect for lower necklines, the plunge bra offers full support despite the minimal coverage. With an underwire that sits lower than a balconette bra and angled cups, you get the extra push without the need for extra padding. The lower position of the underwire makes it more comfortable to wear while the thin, wide-set straps give the illusion of wider shoulders. The Plunge by Cuup is made from a sturdy power mesh fabric and an extremely thin underwire for real support without the need for excess padding.

5. T-Shirt Bra

Cuup Scoop Bra Cuup Scoop Bra Photo: shopcuup.com

T-shirt bras are perfect for everyday use. Wearing a T-shirt bra smooths out any creases or lumps that can be seen when you're wearing skin-tight clothing or sheer shirts. The Scoop by Cuup is the ideal T-shirt bra that you can use for both casual and formal wear. It’s made with Cuup’s softest fabric so it can also be worn as a lounge bra. Its modern and minimal style goes well with any outfit while its U-shaped neckline works great for lower cut shirts and blouses. 

6. Bralette

Calvin Klein Bralette Calvin Klein Bralette Photo: calvinklein.com

A bralette is the go-to all-around bra that you can wear for lounging at home or on casual trips outdoors. The bralette does not have an underwire which makes it comfortable for lounging at home. Still,  it provides enough coverage so it can be used as a top that you can easily style with a light jacket or wear on its own. Calvin Klein’s Modern Cotton Lightly Lined Bralette is made of comfortable and breathable cotton fabric, supported by a thick Calvin Klein branded underband that’s perfect for a sporty look or for just staying stylishly chill at home.

7. Strapless Bra

Calvin Klein Strapless Bra Calvin Klein Strapless Bra Photo: calvinklein.com

The strapless bra makes it possible for women to wear tube tops and other strapless tops and dresses while still getting the right support. However, some strapless bras are notorious for not staying in place so you must find a good strapless bra with good form and ample support to keep your breasts safely in place. Calvin Klein’s Invisibles Lightly Lined Strapless Bra has cups that are lightly lined and has an underwire to give you the support you need along with a side hook, eye fastener and silicone grips for better stability. 

8. Sports Bra

Calvin Klein Sports Bra Calvin Klein Sports Bra Photo: calvinklein.com

A sports bra provides your breasts the best support when you're engaging in physical activities. Whatever your cup size, getting a sports bra that offers full support to minimize bounce is a must. Look for racerback or cross-strap styles for added stability like Calvin Klein’s Active Icon Mesh Overlay Bra. It features a wicking technology that pulls away moisture away from the skin and offers medium support with a fun, sporty look.