While many of us are unable to stop by some of our favorite pretzel locations to get a free treat on April 26 due to coronavirus shutdowns, National Pretzel Day lives on. To bring a little cheer to those on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic, Auntie Anne’s is allowing fans to nominate essential workers to win a free pretzel.

A spokesperson for the company told International Business Times in an email that Auntie Anne’s is selecting 25,000 frontline nominees to receive a free pretzel coupon. Furthermore, those who are nominating others have an opportunity to claim their own snack offer when they download the Pretzel Perks app.

All Pretzel Perks app users will receive an offer for a free Original or Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel with the purchase of any pretzel item. The offer began on Friday, April 24.

The holiday has become particularly popular among fans of “The Office.” On a Season 3 episode, a consistently unhappy and bored character was surprisingly looking forward to going to work, but only for the purpose of receiving a free pretzel.

“I wake up every morning in a bed that's too small, drive my daughter to a school that's too expensive, and then I go to work to a job for which I get paid too little, but on Pretzel Day? Well, I like Pretzel Day,” Leslie David Baker's character Stanley Hudson says in the episode.

Friends and family can nominate their favorite frontline employees through Sunday at AuntieAnnes.com/Nominate.

Additional businesses that typically offer free pretzels on National Pretzel Day include Wetzel's Pretzels, Ben’s Pretzels, Pretzelmaker, and Cumberland Farms.

Another company offering free food to essential workers amid the pandemic is White Castle. The fast-food chain, which is mostly known for its burgers, is offering a free “Castle Combo” or any breakfast combo to healthcare workers and EMTs. Those who qualify must present an ID and the coupon to receive the free meal.

McDonald’s also began giving away “Thank You Meals” to first responders and medical workers on Wednesday. Those who qualify must be in uniform or present their badge to receive their free breakfast, lunch or dinner. Each meal will also feature a thankyou note. The offer is available until May 5.

Chipotle is celebrating nurses day on May 6 by giving away up to 100,000 free burritos, the Miami Herald reports. Health care workers can signup on the company’s site for their chance to win. You can also help a health care worker get a free burrito by ordering your own on the Chipotle app. Name your purchase “4HEROES” and the company pledges to donate one to an essential worker.

Pretzels are seen at the Paris international agricultural fair in Paris, Feb. 26, 2015. Getty Images/AFP/LOIC VENANCE