• 2K Games has started drumming up hype for “NBA 2K23,” which is expected to be released in September
  • A video teasing one of the covers of the upcoming game was released on Twitter
  • Details and updates regarding “NBA 2K23” are expected to start coming out this month

With half of 2022 gone, attention now shifts to the new sports games that will hit PCs and consoles this year, and one of the most highly anticipated titles is “NBA 2K23.”

Details on what “NBA 2K23” will offer are expected to be released soon, with 2K Games and developer Visual Concepts teasing via social media the cover and gameplay reveals for the next installment in its long-running basketball sim series.

"Get ready. 'NBA 2K23' is coming," they tweeted alongside a video that seemed to tease one of the covers of the upcoming game. "Don't miss a beat as we reveal our cover stars, release gameplay first looks and more."

One of the things that gamers have been speculating about is which NBA star will be on the cover. Given that there are a lot of basketball stars at present, figuring out who will be featured will be tough.

“NBA 2K23” is expected to come out with multiple cover athletes, Comicbook reported. In addition to a current basketball star gracing the cover of the base game, there is also a special edition that will feature an NBA legend.

Last year, “NBA 2K22” had Candace Parker on the cover, making her the first WNBA player to be featured on the game franchise's box art.

For “NBA 2K23,” a potential candidate is Stephen Curry, especially after his MVP performance in the Golden State Warriors’ latest NBA title conquest.

It has yet to be announced which platforms will carry “NBA 2K23.” But fans expect the new installment to still be available across all gaming platforms.

While waiting for the new title, all gamers can do for now is continue to enjoy the action on “NBA 2K22,” which is available for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

As for the official release date of “NBA 2K23,” an early September release is expected. The latest installment of “NBA 2K” is usually released before the new NBA season begins.

The 2022-23 NBA season is set to open on Oct. 18.

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