2017 NBA All Star Weekend Image
The NBA has released a virtual reality experience that highlights the events during this year's All-Star Weekend. NBA

Note: An earlier version of this story said the NBA's virtual reality clip for All-Star Weekend was the league's first major VR release. The league has previously done several VR releases for games and special event like the NBA Finals.

The NBA playoffs are currently in full swing, but NBA fans with home virtual reality setups who want more NBA content can also get a first-hand look at this year's All-Star Weekend via VR.

The league Thursday released a 360-video experience from All-Star Weekend for the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. In the film, you’ll be able to track various events throughout New Orleans during All-Star Weekend, which ran Feb. 17-19.

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Segments in the experience include interviews with players like Kyrie Irving, watching players practice, seeing the slam dunk contest and watching the actual All-Star Game. The film is free via the Oculus Video app and can be viewed on either the Rift or Gear VR.

Check out a preview of the video below:

The All-Star game film also isn't the league’s first look into VR. The NBA has been broadcasting a weekly game in VR via NBA League Pass this season and previously released a VR documentary in September that focused on last season's NBA finals between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. The NBA also plans to release clips from this season’s NBA Finals in VR later in the year.

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While VR has been a popular format for game developers, 360-video experiences like the NBA’s have been an equally popular way for most people to learn about VR. With full video, it’s possible to look around within videos through your headset. As the format’s popularity grows, the technology underneath also looks to be refined. At Facebook’s F8 tech conference this week, the social media company unveiled new cameras that could add depth of field to 360 videos.