Neurowear has unveiled a cat ear like hair band called the, Necomimi, which have abilities to wiggle, twitch, perk up or flop down by responding to user's brainwaves, at its promotional event in Tokyo, Japan on May 8.

The 'Necomimi', which is a combination cat and ear in Japanese language, looks very much like the ears that come with a cat costume.

The cat ears respond to thoughts or mood by means of a sensor on a second small band pressed against the forehead. The cat ears can stand straight up when the wearer is concentrating, or wriggle and turn slightly when amused, or lay flat when tired or bored, demonstrating what the company calls, an ability to reveal emotion.

This gadget/fashion device reads your brain waves and then sends them to the cat ears which move depending on how you feel -- Straight up if you’re concentrating and they fall down if you are relaxed.

According to Nerowear, the machine can tell when users are relaxed and concentrate through the two internal brainwave censors on the device which they also have a plan to develop it as a fashion accessory which allows non-verbal communication. The brainwave-controlled cat ears are raised when a user concentrates and flattened when a user relaxes.

Till now, Neurowear has not released the price or the date of release, but the company has stated this device will be the first in a new line of fashion/gadget products.

Get a glimpse of Neurowear's Necomimi as demonstrated at a promotional event in Tokyo early this week: