A company called uSocial has been offering a service that sells Twitter followers to people at a set rate, and announced Thursday that it will start selling friends on Facebook.

According to uSocial, a Twitter follower is worth ten cents to the buyer. Meanwhile, Facebook Friends can be bought for varying amounts depending on how many you buy.

To get 5,000 new Facebook friends will cost 7.6 cents per friend for a total of $654.30 while Facebook fans are more expensive. For 10,000 Facebook fans, it will cost you 8.5 cents per fan for $1,167.30.

Adage quotes uSocial CEO Leon Hill from a statement, Facebook is an extremely effective marketing tool, as anyone with a large number of targeted friends, or fans can attest to. The only problem is that it can be extremely difficult to achieve such a following, which is where we come in.

Meanwhile, Facebook doesn’t see it that way.

“We’re just beginning an investigation now, but it’s clear to us that potential customers of their service should be cautious,” Facebook said in a statement.

“The value of a person that is tricked, coerced or bribed into being a Facebook friend or fan is extremely limited and may actually work against whatever goals the customer is attempting to achieve,” the statement continued.

Facebook's terms of service prohibit the use of personal profiles for commercial gain, so if uSocial is paying people to be their friends of fans, Facebook may soon ban the service.

In its defense, USocial says that all it does is send friend requests on the behalf of the buyer and the receiver determines whether or not to accept the request.

Reuters quotes Hill saying, All we do is send them a welcome message or friend request from the client. If they decide to go ahead and add that person as a friend or a fan then they will; if not, then they won't.