If you want to bump up your home security, you might want to check out the facial recognition Nest camera, Cam IQ.

Cam IQ, which can be connected to your iPhone, is different from previous Nest cameras and comes with completely new hardware.

“Because it sees better, Nest Cam IQ can think better,” Nest said Wednesday.

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Cam IQ’s Face Recognition

The camera has the ability to distinguish humans from things and other animals. With Nest Aware, the Cam IQ uses facial recognition technology to keep track of familiar faces, and even help you spot strangers. With a Nest Aware subscription, the device will alert you only if it sees a stranger in your house.

The device has a 4K sensor, wide 130-degree view and comes with Supersight.

“Supersight starts with HDR, combining staggered 4K images into one beautifully balanced 1080p HD picture that won’t choke your connection,” Nest explained in a post. “Then the video is encrypted and its bit rate adaptively adjusted.”

With Supersight, the camera will zoom in automatically and follow a person in a room while at the same time keeping the full 130-degree picture in view. With Cam IQ’s 4K sensor, zooming in won’t make the images blurry, since the camera allows you to zoom in up to 12x and keeps the video at 1080p HD.

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Talking Via Cam IQ

You’ll be able to see what’s going on in your house remotely through the app. You can also speak through your smartphone and have it broadcast via the Cam IQ.

“With a high-end speaker and three-microphone array, Nest Cam IQ speaks louder and listens clearer,” Nest said, adding the device comes with noise suppression and echo cancellation.

Cam IQ with Nest Aware also sends intelligent audio alerts, which can notify you when the device hears the sound of your dog or a person’s voice.

The camera is available in white, weighs only 12 ounces, includes night vision and has Wi-Fi connection capability.

You can preorder the camera for $299 or a buy a bundle of two for $498. The camera ships in four to five weeks, the site says.

The Cam IQ is another device that is moving on to facial recognition technology. Last week, DJI released its new camera drone Spark, which uses facial recognition to turn on. Samsung’s latest Galaxy S8 also has facial recognition but was proved easy to fool.

Meanwhile, Apple is expected to release the upcoming iPhone 8 with facial recognition technology. Apple reportedly tapped LG Innotek to supply 3D facial recognition modules for the 10th anniversary device. The 3D sensing camera could replace the touch ID feature on current iPhones.